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We are all guilty of rushing through life and forgetting to have fun and enjoy the beauty around us.


Our goal here to to hopefully make someone smile or even maybe sometimes giggle.  Here we will post a few of our favorite pictures.  Enjoy.


Lighting-frog.jpg (20102 bytes)

The rare lighting frog!!


Lighting-frog1.jpg (19474 bytes)


Lighting-frog2.jpg (24487 bytes)

Let us know what ya all think.






Janets woods.jpg (3667038 bytes)

Serene Woods




The Perfect Rose


                                                         killerdogs.jpg (83849 bytes)

                                                             Alligator eating dogs




             T&H-at-crazyhorse.gif (291919 bytes)

A chance to look into the face of a

      man made wonder