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Have you ever said I would love to be in the cast, will here's how you do it. You need to contact us, request a application, return completed application. Once your application has been received, it goes before the travel board for approval. When approved you will be notified. When ever you go on your trip you will have to come by or meet us and have a cold one of your choice. Your next question, I suppose is how much does the cast get paid. The pay chart goes like this: nada, no green backs, no pesos, no nothing etc..(any money changing hands would be from yours to ours) If you're interested, get your application in, because we have too many empty openings.


Little Girl & Crash

Picture of Crash is currently on the Post Office Wall.

Little Girl is in processing.




Mama and the Dawg have done the most traveling with us. 

Margarita Mama.jpg (23157 bytes)                                       Gringo Dog.jpg (29198 bytes)                      

Margarita Mama                                   Gringo Dawg         AKA          Madd Dawg.


Marja                                                    Tom

marja.jpg (21484 bytes)                                  thomas.jpg (57758 bytes)

Looking Goood!                                Cool!!!


Commander in Chief                           General

Commander-in-Chief.jpg (49081 bytes)                        General.jpg (47623 bytes)

My girl                                         A face only a mother could love!

Picture below are folks that have not traveled with us, but rate a mention. We don't know why.

Bobbie of Bob's  Bag n Blow has done no traveling yet, but he's a wantabe.

bob.jpg (71306 bytes)

Really ugly.  Camera ran away


mary.gif (170256 bytes)

Sis aka phony cookie maker